EPOS INFO-DAY in the Eastern Adriatic Area on May 2018

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EPOS INFO-DAY in the Eastern Adriatic Area on May 2018

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

EPOS is organising an INFO-DAY in the city of Ljubljana (Slovenia) tailored to the Eastern Adriatic Area countries. The event will take place on May 2018 and it is organized in the framework of the activity of the EPOS IP Working Package n.2: Dissemination and Communication.

The EPOS Info-day will be an opportunity to introduce the EPOS European infrastructure and to highlight its significance for solid Earth science.

The event is intended for scientists from research infrastructures and universities, and policy makers and all people interested in learning more about EPOS and the benefits of interregional cooperation in an enlarged Europe and across its borders.

We look forward to welcoming local and regional representatives from across the Eastern Adriatic Area, to meet potential partners to share ideas and to establish cross-border contacts for future long-term cooperation.

More details will be available soon on the EPOS web site.


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