First EPOS SP Workshop in Sopron, Hungary, 20-22 May 2020

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First EPOS SP Workshop in Sopron, Hungary, 20-22 May 2020

Sopron, Hungary

Next Spring, 20-22 May 2020, in Sopron, Hungary at CSFK Geodetic and Geophysical Institute the EPOS SP project will organise a workshop titled “Understanding the active deformation of the Adriatic Plate and its margins: Science, Infrastructure & Community Building”.
The first EPOS SP workshop is focused on fostering EPOS community services in the Adriatic-Carpathian-Dinarides region.
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Among the goals of the workshop are:

  • capacity building and strengthening cross-European scientific transfer of knowledge and infrastructure;
  • coordinating with interested groups and partners the preparation of the AdriaArray experiment and key scientific components, including discussing proposals to funding sources and initial project logistics;
  • broadening the community of EPOS & EPOS Seismology (ORFEUS, EMSC, EFEHR) in the region;
  • discussing best practices for field work and data management of permanent and temporary deployments and tailor-made QC for dense temporary networks;
  • fostering the cooperation of mobile seismic pools in Europe.

More information about the program in the attached first circular.

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