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EPOS @ EGU 2016

20 Apr 2016 to 21 Apr 2016

EPOS will participate at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 that will be held in the city of Vienna, Austria, 17–22 April 2016. EPOS will lead a session on Integrated Research Infrastructures and Services in Geosciences...

EPOS Booth back wall

EPOS Booth @ EGU 2016

18 Apr 2016 to 22 Apr 2016

The EPOS exhibiting booth will be at the Exhibition Gallery, Green Level 1 on the first floor, number G14 and G15. 

We recommend all to visit the exhibition booth asking about EPOS goals and activities as well as also promoting projects related to the EPOS initiative. We will provide attractive information brochures, flyers and gadgets to visitors.

MED-SUV logo final meeting

MED-SUV Final meeting, Rome - INGV - 6-7 April 2016

06 Apr 2016 to 07 Apr 2016

MED-SUV Final meeting is held in Rome (6-7 April 2016) at the INGV conference room. It was preceded by a pre-meeting on the TOMO-ETNA experiment on April 5th 2016.

The two days meeting offers the opportunity to sum up and discuss the main project achievements, to explore and sketch possibilities to continue the scientific collaboration among the consortium partners as well as open debates with other possible stakeholders. Please visit the meeting page : here


EPOS Board Governmental Representatives Meeting

31 Mar 2016 to 01 Apr 2016

The meeting will lead to the selection of the Integrated Core Services Central hub (ICS-C) hosting country, but also address other key issues...

Astronomical Clock

Service Coordination Board Meeting

18 Mar 2016

The Service Coordination Board will further discuss criteria and methods for testing and validate the TCS - ICS integration.. 

EPOS IP Project: TCS - ICS Integration Workshop

15 Mar 2016 to 17 Mar 2016

The Workshop main goals are to finalize the contents of the "Data, Data product, Software and Services Catalogue", to...

ENVRI week

16 Nov 2015 to 20 Nov 2015

ENVRI week will be organised in Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic in November 16-20, 2015. Agenda of the meeting is available here

EPOS Implementation Phase kick-off meeting

05 Oct 2015 to 07 Oct 2015

The EPOS Implementation Phase (IP) kick-off meeting is dedicated to presenting the technical aspects of the EPOS Implementation Phase (IP)...

5th EPOS Board of Governmental Representatives meeting

07 May 2015

On May 7th 2015, EPOS will hold its fifth Board of Governmental Representatives meeting at the Barceló Aran Park Hotel in Rome.