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Near Fault Observatories session SM6.3 @EGU2020 in Vienna, 3-8 May 2020

PICO session: SM6.3: Fault mechanics and earthquakes from near fault observations at the next EGU 2020 Fall Meeting, abstracts submission by 15 Jan 2020!

Next ENVRI week in Dresden, Germany, 3-7 February 2020

ENVRI week hosts ENVRI-FAIR project related sessions as well as several other sessions such as the Solid Earth subdomain meeting targeting different stakeholders.

Congratulations to Helen M. Glaves elected the EGU President for the term 2021–2023

Helen M. Glaves was elected to serve as EGU President for the term 2021–2023. Helen M. Glaves will be inaugurated during the EGU plenary meeting on 4 May 2020 in Vienna.

EPOS ERIC @ CERIC workshop In-kind Contributions in the life of an ERIC in Munich, Germany, 5 December 2019

The aim of the event is to increase the awareness among the existing and future ERICs and with the EC about the emerging best practices to solve the pending issues related to the in-kind contributions.

EPOS community @AGU 2019 in San Francisco, 9-13 December 2019

The EPOS RI community will be present at the 100th Advancing Earth & Space Science, American Geophysical Union meeting; EPOS presentations in several sessions.

EPOS presented @ENVRIFAIR Project Meeting in Lund, Sweden, 30 October 2019

EPOS architecture and the ICS-C system, EPOS prototype TNA (Trans National Access) and the approach of EPOS to FAIR have been presented to the ENVRI community.

EPOS @OGC19 Technical Committee Meeting in Toulouse (France)

During the #OGC19FR on Tuesday 19th November, the GeoScience Domain Working Group (DWG) will organise a meeting. EPOS TCSs and ICS teams are invited to present the work done.