EPOS GNSS Data and Products' team gets its first signed data supplier letter

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Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 12:00

There is no doubt that Greece is an interesting area for the Solid Earth Science community because it is tectonically active. From this historical place, the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, literature and major cultural and art manifestation, scientific and mathematical principles, this cradle of Western civilization came the first signed GNSS data supplier letter, on January 25, 2018.

According to Dr Athanassios Ganas, from National Observatory of Athens (NOA) and a member of the EPOS GNSS Data and Products Working Group, as the one who mediated the local negotiations states that “the NOA´s signed letter contains 27 GNSS stations (all located in Greece), that are continuously operating stations equipped with geodetic equipment and delivering GNSS data on a daily basis”.

For Carine Bruyninx, from Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) and EPOS GNSS, this signed data supplier letter has a relevant meaning for the EPOS GNSS Group as it is the first step towards the EPOS´s project accomplishment. As she explains: “This signed letter is a protocol and means that the agency, NOA, agrees to make available to EPOS the data from the GNSS stations that this observatory is operating”.

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