EPOS TCS Anthropogenic Hazards Consortium Meeting & Workshop in Pisa is approaching!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 13:00


The workshop will be held on May 9, 2019 at Palazzo del Consiglio dei Dodici, in Pisa, Italy and will be organized in two sessions:

  • session 1: Overview of data episodes: status and availability on IS-EPOS platform (
  • session 2: Tools, methods, data analysis; and a final forum.

Each session will be composed of two parts: the first one will present objectively what is already available in the IS-EPOS Platform. The second part, on the other hand, will be open to host new ideas, techniques, methods, etc., that represent possible tools that are complementary to what already exists in the Platform, and that eventually could be integrated in the future.

The final discussion will focus on assessing the status of episodes and services effectively available on IS-EPOS platform, as well as on the future developments that can be foreseen.

Among the outcomes of the workshop’s discussions, it is expected to define a set of ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’ of the current implementation on IS-EPOS platform, as well as to define ‘foreseen extensions’ of the work done so far.

The workshop is open for all interested participants, although registration is required. To register for the workshop please use the following form:

Download here the programme of the meeting.