ORFEUS workshop 2018 and ORFEUS presence at EGU & SSA in 2019

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Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 12:00

To those who missed the ORFEUS workshop last Fall, here is a short summary and a link to the workshop material.

The ORFEUS and EPOS Seismology strong-motion community gathered in Athens for the ORFEUS annual observatory meeting and workshop on 12-14 November 2018.

Participants from 30 countries worldwide were busy for three days with vivid scientific technical and strategic discussions, social events and guided tours of the Acropolis of Athens and its strong-motion array.

Strong-motion seismology seems quite alive and well: networks are being densified everywhere, site characterization is finally seen as a must-do, big data and low-cost instrumentation are posing challenges and offering new opportunities; the community is strongly asking for participation and recognition.

The slides and (some of the) posters presented at the workshop are archived at the following links:

The dates and venue of the next ORFEUS workshop – within the framework of a major EPOS Seismology event next Fall – will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

To those travelling to Vienna (EGU19) or Seattle (SSA) and willing to know more about ORFEUS,

please search the program for the following presentations / posters:

  • @ EGU

"ORFEUS Portfolio: the Gateway to High-Quality Seismic Data in Europe" by Cauzzi et al.

"New federated seismological services within EIDA" by Quinteros et al.

"ORFEUS Strong-Motion services and products for engineering seismology" Luzi et al.

  • @ SSA

"ORFEUS products and services for strong-motion seismology" by Luzi et al.

For further information on ORFEUS and its activities contact