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Strong Motion Site Characterization workshop in L'Aquila, Italy, 11-12 March 2019, the registration is open!

All topics are related to the SERA and EPOS activities on connecting infrastructures and communities in the field of site characterization. The registration is now open until January the 15th, 2019 and free of charge.

EPOS @GEM2018 Launch Event in Pavia, Italy, 5 December 2018

The GEM 2018 event to present the global earthquake hazard and risk maps will be held at the Church of Saints James and Philip, in the ancient heart of Pavia's old town in Italy. EPOS coordinator will attend the event.

EPOS presented @ETHZ, Zurich Switzerland, 27 November 2018

The EPOS coordinator Massimo Cocco will do a colloquium titled “Data and Services for solid Earth Science: Open Science and Ethics Issues in the Department of Earth Sciences of the ETH Zurich.

EPOS TCS Volcano Observations @WOVOdat workshop at Yogyakarta (Indonesia), 26-29 November 2018

The participants to the workshop are worldwide national agencies involved in the volcano monitoring and the management of volcanic risk. During the workshop the cooperation and synergies between VO-TCS and WOVOdat will be analysed.

EPOS TCS Multi-scale Laboratories Annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain, 21-23 November, 2018

EPOS TCS Multi-scale laboratories meeting to discuss the outcomes of the TCS services validation process, the EPOS IP 3rd annual meeting, and the 2019 work plan

First Conference of the EPOS-PL project in Jachranka (Poland) 19-20 November 2018

The main topics of the Conference are strengthening and widening the integration process of Research Infrastructure of Solid Earth Science in Poland and the collaboration between science and private sector.

EPOS presented to PhD students @ DRED, University of Montpellier (France), 16 november 2018

The EPOS coordinator Massimo Cocco will hold a seminar entitled: Data and Services for solid Earths science: Open Science and Ethics Issues, the EPOS experience.

2018 European Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction in Rome (Italy), 21-23 November 2018

An opportunity to exchange and move forward on local level resilience, economic risks and reaching the Sendai Framework 2020 priority targets. EPOS ERIC brochures will be available for the participants.