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The EPOS THEMATIC CORE SERVICE - ANTHROPOGENIC HAZARDS (TCS-AH) provides facilities, episodes (data) and reference material on the IS-EPOS online platform to aid research into anthropogenic hazards related to the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources.

The increased need for energy and minerals requires a variety of complex industrial processes to be performed under more and more difficult environmental conditions. The problem of hazards induced by exploration and exploitation of georesources is one of the most important anthropogenic hazard that focuses growing interest of science, industry, public administration, NGO-s and general public.

This is especially true in densely populated Europe, where such technological activities occur close to inhabited and other protected areas.

Hazards resulting from exploitation of georesources are undoubtedly linked to particular inducing technologies. It is obvious that a successful investigation of the Earth’s response, that is the result, cannot be done without a simultaneous analysis of conditions of the technological activity, which is the cause. To make research of the cause-effect relations feasible, the collaboration between science and industry must be enhanced to reach a trustful level of synergy. On the other hand, where the inducing technologies are different, the rockmass reactions of the same physical kind have much in common. The research focused on common features of these reactions and transverse to inducing technologies seems to be the way to accelerate recognition of the problem.

The present level of IT development provides new opportunities to accomplish the above mentioned goals. High quality virtual access not only makes it possible to share infrastructural resources but enables also an unconstrained face-to-face collaboration and an immediate exchange of information between geographically dispersed research groups.