TOP TIPS - DDSS Master Table and ICS developments

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INGV | Italy

The EPOS Newsletter issue 01
July 2016 | Top Tips 01

A significant effort has followed the Prague meeting: each TCS has declared a priority list of data, data products, services and software (DDSS) elements to be implemented in the EPOS-ICS. The outcome of this work is the DDSS Master Table, which shows the diversity as well as the overlapping themes of all the TCS. In order to achieve interoperability, 20 harmonization groups (HGs) are identified which are organised in three groups that will coordinate the disciplinary, multidisciplinary and data category dependencies.

For each of the DDSS elements the corresponding Service Providers (SP) are mapped. TCSs show a complex organizational landscape where the SPs for DDSS elements are either a single institution, a consortium of institutions, a national research infrastructure(s), or organizations at European or International level. The complex organizational landscape implies equally complex legal-governance and financial issues that need to be harmonized for each TCS.

A prototype ICS development is underway with the implementation of the two selected TCSs on Geomagnetic Observations and Near Fault Observatories (NFO), which is planned to be ready during the autumn.